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Increase Your GMAT® Quant Score

You don’t need a library of GMAT® math books to properly prepare. Everything you need to strategically prepare for the quant section is at your fingertips. Clear, concise concepts and world-class instruction will help you gain the competitive advantage. Target Test Prep GMAT® Quant deconstructs every skill required for top-level performance on the quantitative section of the GMAT®. From the most minute to the most complex, you are guided through every facet of every concept.

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Powerful Features

Take the course with you on any device. From your desktop, to your laptop, to your mobile devices, you set the schedule, and you set the pace. We make studying for the GMAT® more efficient, more effective, and less stressful.

  • Over 3,000 realistic practice problems
  • Full solution walkthroughs for each problem
  • OnTarget™ Learning Analytics
  • 20 ultra-comprehensive chapters
  • Clickable, in-chapter examples
  • 500+ Individual Lessons
  • Custom Practice Engine

Target Weakness, Aim for Success

Improve your test scores with the smartest, most convenient test prep platform ever.

Identify Problem Areas

Identify your problem areas with unprecedented accuracy and detail with the only GMAT® Course with OnTarget™ Learning Analytics. Turn your weaknesses into strengths though an ultra-precise, concept-by-concept drill down of your performance.

Maximize Study Efficiency

Take the concepts you’ve mastered and those that still prove problematic and easily begin a review session or start a practice set, all in the click of a mouse, directly from OnTarget™.

Practice to Learn

Each of our 3,000+ practice problems includes a full, step-by-step solution to guide you through the concepts, skill, and strategy required to solve each problem. Problem solutions are in-depth, clear, and precise, leading you to a full understanding of the steps to solve each problem.

Intuitive, Interactive Learning

Theory meets practice, all in beautiful clarity.

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Devices Easy to Read Lessons

Clearly written content and strategies allow students of all abilities to master score-enhancing material.

Monitoring Live In-Chapter Examples

Reinforce what you’ve learned by trying live, interactive example problems from right within the lesson. You’ll quickly turn conceptual knowledge into operational knowledge.

Target High-value Must Knows

Know with certainty which key concepts you should take away from each lesson. Must Know sections place high-value material front and center.

Docs Live In-Chapter Examples

Reinforce what you’ve learned by trying live, interactive example problems from right within the lesson. You’ll quickly turn conceptual knowledge into operational knowledge.

Comments Solutions are 1 click away

Stop searching at the back of your book for each solution. Crystal clear solutions are 1 click away.

We Measure Our Success by The Success of Our Students

The TTP math course is the only course you’ll need for your GMAT quant review! Prior to using the TTP math course, I took a competitor’s entire course (which also cost double the money) that did a poor job of explaining the logic behind many of the math concepts. I didn’t really learn what I needed. This was not the case with the TTP quant course, where each concept is presented clearly and in a logical way with great examples that allow for thorough understanding.


When you use this resource, you learn to be a GMAT Jedi due to the 20 well-written chapters that are chock full of what every GMATer craves: killer content, score-raising strategies, and practical techniques.


TTP was instrumental in my preparation for the GMAT. The curriculum is detailed, covers all concepts and strategies, and is formatted in a way that is easy to learn. The TTP team takes the time to get to know the clients and ensures that you are armed with the tools and mental preparation necessary to succeed. I strongly recommend Target Test Prep. Its approach and guidance helped increase my score by 90 points!


I stumbled upon the Target Test Prep team after a frustrating and disappointing experience with Kaplan. The Target Test Prep Team's in depth, thorough, and easy to navigate GMAT coursework and quizzes made studying not only engaging but productive. Combined with exceptional one-on-one tutoring with the Target Test Prep team, I was able to raise my score by 50 points in a less than 3 weeks. I only wish I had been able to work with them sooner - I have no doubt that my scores could have gone even higher.

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20 rigorous chapter broken into 500+ lessons covering high value GMAT® quant topics such as number properties, word problems, and geometry. We place all the content you need to earn an impressive quant score at your fingertips, on-demand.



Proper practice makes perfect. 3,000+ realistic quantitative problems covering the most important topics provide ample, targeted practice for even the most ambitious students.



OnTarget™ Learning Analytics tracks your progress and provides you with intelligent, detailed, actionable statistics, allowing you to quickly hone in on your weaknesses and transform them into your strengths.


Gain The Competitive Advantage You Deserve

Maximize your GMAT® quant score with Target Test Prep GMAT® Quant.

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The Most Comprehensive Quantitative Curriculum for the GMAT® Ever Created

Ultra-comprehensive quantitative prep designed to target your weaknesses and set you on the path to GMAT® success.

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